Our Process

Great marketing requires great creative, and that’s one of our specialties. But creative is just one step in our powerful marketing development process. It comes from decades of experience and has helped countless clients succeed.


Launch & Discovery

First we define the project, set goals, timelines, budgets and other parameters. Discovery follows; we do background work and research to fully understand your business, your customers, the market and much more.


Strategic Development

Next we build a strategy to define the campaign approach, who we are targeting, how they will be reached, what marketing tools will be used and other factors. A detailed project plan will be generated.


Creative Development

The fun really begins as we develop the campaign message, theme, design concepts, headlines, text, graphic elements and more. Great creative must be on message and on target to be engaging and effective. That’s what we do.


Production & Implementation

We then produce and distribute communications, from traditional print ads and collateral, to websites, digital marketing, social media, PR and whatever else is needed. Job done.


Tracking, Evaluation & Enhancement

We track the results of campaigns whenever possible to evaluate their performance and determine how to make them even better next time.

Uniquely Focused on You

While our overall process is the same, every client is different, so we customize and fine-tune our approach to fit your unique needs and preferences. Proactive communication, diligent follow-through and a highly collaborative relationship are built into the process.